Rick Perkins, WG’70

I came to Wharton after finishing my undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts where I played on the varsity basketball team. After my two years at Wharton, I served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps for another two years and then joined Arthur Andersen & Co. for three yearsRead More

Bob Natiello, WG’56

New York City native Bob Natiello enjoyed a long career as a Madison Avenue ad executive. In addition to planning dozens of TV specials, he created national marketing campaigns for America’s leading corporate advertisers, heading the ad agency team that won a national EFFIE award for effective marketing of GeneralRead More

Edward Lyons, WG’64

Ed Lyons, WG’64, is a Global Senior Financial Executive with experience in telecommunications and manufacturing industries. His experience of about 40 years encompasses organizations from multi-billion dollar to small startups. Ed has been CFO of two telecommunications companies, International Controller of a direct sales firm, CFO of a manufacturing/sales jointRead More

John Majane, WG’58

John Majane is a long time participant in the US civilian space program in the unmanned satellite program. He received a Group Achievement Award for the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite, a pioneering NASA Goddard Space Flight Center project validating the “Big Bang” theory of the origins of the universe.Read More

Kevin Woelflein, WG’58

At Wharton became an Industrial Management major following two years in the Army Chemical Corps as an ROTC lieutenant. Most of that time was spent in Eastern France. While a full time student at Wharton I worked part time at Atlantic Refining, which at that time was headquartered in Philadelphia.Read More

Quincy Williams, WG’57

After Wharton, I joined Smith Kline & French Laboratories as a management trainee. I retired twenty-nine years later. Initially I did the usual trainee drone work, but also did some systems design and computer programming. Yes, we had chads back then, hanging or otherwise. Later I held a number ofRead More

Myron Weiner, WG’51

As a graduate of the Fels Institute, which at the time was in the Wharton Graduate School, Myron devoted his career to the improvement of government and nonprofit organizational management. He is an Emeritus member of two graduate faculties at the University of Connecticut: Masters of Public Affairs and MastersRead More

Thomas Vincent, WG’56

Tom received his undergraduate degree from Colgate University and has served on the Emeritus Society Steering Committee since 2007. He creates and edits the Society’s newsletter, is responsible for the design of our logo, production of our lapel pin and helps plan our programs on the Event Committee. A formerRead More