Wharton Webinar: How to Increase Your Impact by Leveraging the Power of Magic Words

Thursday March 2, 2023
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EST

Event Organizer - Wharton Lifelong Learning

Led by: Jonah Berger, Associate Professor of Marketing, the Wharton School 

From emails and power points to phone calls and pitch meetings, almost everything we do involves words. Words are how we persuade, communicate, and connect. But certain words are more impactful than others. They’re better at changing minds, engaging listeners, and driving action. What are these magic words and how can we take advantage of their power?

In this webinar, Professor Jonah Berger will provide a sneak peek of his new book (Magic Words) about the new science of language and how you can use it. Learn the words that convince clients, captivate audiences, and deepen social connection. How new technologies like ChatGPT produce award winning essays and how the words others use reveal hidden information about their interests, actions, and intent. Whether you’re trying to persuade a customer, motivate a team, or get a whole organization to see things differently, this book will show you how to leverage the power of magic words.

Event Organizer - Wharton Lifelong Learning