Wharton Graduate Class of 2008

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William Hsieh, Co-Chair
Leslie Reyes, Co-Chair
Shawnette Rochelle, Co-Chair

Aydin Alper Kadaster
Cris Benvenuto
Amanda Bronesky
Caryn Choi
Annabella Colletti
Noor Dharani
Rodolfo Ergueta
Jennifer Feng
Katherine French
George Gvishiani
Adam Hazlett
Raúl Heraud
Niles Ho
Luis Ignacio Terife

Adrian Ironside
Devi Mahadevia
Erica Michelstein
Homa Mojtabai
Ham Namakkajo
Priya Nevrekar
Neeti Nundy
Hide Ohashi
Adrian Perry
Victor Petenkemani
Thom Peunchob
Manish Raj
Anthony Sawtell
Stephanie Schwartz
Tal Slobodkin
Evaristus Sokenu
Luis Terife
Meena Thever-Wojcik

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Class Giving Progress

Total Class Giving: $358,924 89.7%
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Your Class Liaisons

Picture of Patrick Zeller

Patrick Zeller
Associate Director,
Classes and Reunions

Molly Unangst
Associate Director, Reunion