MBA Reunion Committee Structure

Reunion Success is Based on the Dedication and Enthusiasm of a Reunion Committee

All volunteers are encouraged to attend Reunion, support Regional Pre-Reunion events, connect with classmates, support your Class Gift, and encourage fellow classmates to do the same.

Reunion Volunteer

The role of a Reunion Volunteer is to help create a deeper culture of engagement and philanthropy with your classmates and with Wharton. Upon graduation, Wharton became a part of your personal brand. Your work in this capacity strengthens that brand for generations to come. Our team is committed to making this an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our volunteers.

Which Subcommittee is Right for You?

Most successful Reunions involve Engagement, Fundraising, and Communications subcommittees working collaboratively, but focused on distinct goals. A key characteristic of volunteers on these committees is a love for Wharton, so join one or all based on your interest.

Summary of Responsibilities for Engagement Volunteers

  • Reconnect classmates with each other and Wharton. Encourage classmates to attend Reunion.
  • Reach out to classmates in your affinity group.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with staff liaisons and other committee members. Call summaries are sent out following every call.
  • Leverage your Wharton network to raise awareness of Reunion. Cultivate new class leaders and drive attendance at Reunion Weekend.
  • Commit to contacting classmates as part of Reunion outreach.
  • Play an active role in class communications: using social media, sending emails, and making phone calls.
  • Help plan and attend pre-Reunion events that will engage classmates regionally.
  • Help plan class-driven Reunion Weekend events tailored to your class.
  • Help promote Reunion on the Road regional events to classmates.
  • Recommend classmates for educational panels taking place during Reunion Weekend.
  • Collect nostalgic photos and memories to share with classmates on social media sites and via email and during MBA Reunion Weekend slideshows.
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere for all classmates during Reunion and related events.
  • Lead the way and serve as an example to your classmates— make a meaningful gift to The Wharton Fund in honor of your Class Gift.

Summary of Responsibilities for Communications Committees

  • Support Engagement and Fundraising Committees in marketing efforts.
  • Create messaging to inspire alumni to “Come Back and Give Back”.
  • Support Engagement and Fundraising Committees with posts on social media.
  • Promote Reunion website and Class web page.
  • Lead the way and serve as an example to your classmates— make a meaningful gift to The Wharton Fund in honor of your Class Gift.

Summary of Responsibilities for Fundraising Volunteers

  • Lead the way and serve as an example to your classmates by making a meaningful gift to The Wharton Fund and/or Lauder Annual Fund in honor of your Class Gift.
  • Encourage classmates to give back to Wharton with a gift to The Wharton Fund and/or Lauder Annual Fund. Giving back demonstrates your classmates’ Wharton pride and Lauder Love through your Class Gift.
  • Offer to host a reunion event for your class in your home or office. The event can focus on the impact giving has on the School and the legacy your Class Gift will leave.
  • Articulate your passion for why giving back to Wharton matters to you.
  • Send MBA Reunion emails for support of your Class Gift.
  • Facilitate conference calls.

Summary of responsibilities for Reunion Chair(s):

  • Lead the Reunion Committee providing overall insight and feedback on both engagement and giving
  • Develop a strategy and execute a plan in collaboration with Wharton Staff Liaisons for Reunion including: attendance and fundraising goal setting, e-blast management, pre-reunion events and Reunion weekend programming
  • Facilitate and lead committee calls with Wharton Staff and Reunion Committee
  • Serve as the voice for the Reunion Committee