MBA Reunion Volunteer Tool

Mobile Volunteer Portal (MVP)

MVP is the online tool used to search for classmate contact information, record outreach and solicitation efforts, and update classmate contact information.

To access the Mobile Volunteer Portal (MVP) you will first need to obtain a PennKey and password. Once you have a PennKey and password, you can sign in to MVP at:

Getting Started

A PennKey and password are required to access many of the University’s electronic services including AirPennNet (Penn’s wireless internet), MVP and Wharton Connect. For more information visit

Some Things You Can do with MVP

  • Find classmates by demographics (like city) and cohort.
  • View and update contact information for your selected classmates.
  • View and update your own information.
  • Use template emails and customize as you’d like.
  • Send an email to one person.
  • Send the same email to up to 100 people.
  • Keep track of your contacts.
  • On the Gift Portal, view the last time your classmate made a gift along with their giving history. Know when your solicitations turn into a gift.

Best Practices with MVP

  • Look for notes from your staff liaison and class specific goals/progress on the Dashboard page. You can also see a listing of the top volunteer activity and links to resources.
  • Committee members should select only those classmates they intend to contact within the next month. Add more as you complete each round.
  • Add a contact note every time you reach out to a classmate. The system will record your activity, and your class liaison will receive a daily report of your progress.