Thank you so much for serving as a Reunion volunteer. The Wharton School relies on the involvement and leadership of alumni to make MBA Reunions the best experience for you and your classmates. Thank you for helping craft programming that engages and inspires alumni, for motivating your classmates to attend Reunion@Home, and for encouraging giving as an important and meaningful way to commemorate a Reunion milestone.

The Wharton External Affairs team is dedicated to equipping you in your volunteer role to achieve a successful Reunion — one that alumni from around the world attend, enjoy, and remember for years to come. This handbook provides an overview of the variety of Reunion planning, processes, policies, and outcomes of your great work as part of a core volunteer network. This handbook is a tool for you, in combination with your close work with External Affairs liaisons.

Thank you again for your commitment to continuing and to enhancing the fantastic Reunion tradition at Wharton.