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May 21 Wharton Reunions

The Penn and Wharton Reunions  this year were virtual. On May 15, 2021, the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society held one for all its members. WGES Chair Tom Hadlock provided an overview of the latest programs and activities of the Emeritus society. McClain Gordon, Chair of the Crandall Citation Award Committee, reported on the  awards for the 2021 Crandall Citation Awards.

At the WGES Reunion, attendance was not only nationwide, it was international — and included a graduate from Japan and another from Laos… Mike Wallace, who was a 2017 Crandall Challenge recipient. Mike teaches school in Lao and suggested the formation of an Asiatic Wharton Club that would include the countries of Laos/Cambodia/Thailand and Vietnam. Paul Allsymeyer, WG’65, commented that in years past, when traveling in those countries, he encountered Wharton Grads.

In addition to the WGES Reunion,  the following classes also held reunions on May 15th. The Chairs for each reunion were:
Myron Weiner WG’51
Cliff Leventhal WG’56
DeWitt Peterson WG’56
Duane Sonneborn WG’64
Paul Allersmeyer WG’64
Ed Lyons WG’64
Dick Rappleye WG’65
Tom Hadlock WG’66
John Hendricks WG’66