20th Anniversary of Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society

The only Emeritus Society among the world’s leading business schools

About Us


About Us


Founded in 2003, the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society (WGES) is the distinguished and active group of Wharton MBA alumni who graduated from the School more than forty-five years ago. WGES encourages members to continue investing their Wharton-based experience and talents to enhance the quality of life for their colleagues, community and country.

Our Society

  • We welcome into membership all Wharton Graduate School alumni who have celebrated their 45th Reunion and beyond.

Our Mission

  • Further connect and reinforce member relationships, plus those with other alumni – and those with alma mater.
  • Utilize and help amplify positive effects of the incredible personal and academic resources available at Wharton and Penn.

Our Methods 

  • Help enrich members’ lives by encouraging use of this resource “treasure trove.”
  • Call attention to our member’s career contributions among our greater university society and the world at large.
  • Create a vehicle to promote awareness that “post career,” members continue with good works thru meaningful engagement in local, national and global communities.

Leadership Spotlight

Cliff Leventhal WG'56

Upon graduating Penn and Wharton in 1956, Cliff pioneered the development of computers with UNIVAC, PHILCO-FORD and RCA . During the 1950s and 60s, the major companies were shaping all their computer-based systems. He then became Marketing Manager for ITT and MTIl before forming his own computer company, Target Computers, in 1989, which became the largest independent supplier of personal computers on Long Island.

In 2000, Cliff retired and moved to San Francisco, where he has been devoted to Penn and Wharton activities and became a founding member of the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society and its Leadership Committee.

Cliff Leventhall, WG’56

Leadership Committee

* asterisk = deceased

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  • Founders
  • Leadership

Tom Hadlock, WG’66, Chair

Carl Shaifer, WG’57, Chair Emeritus

Eugene Aaron, WG’73

Bob Blumenthal, WG’63

Maryfrances Davis, WG’70

Stephen J. Garchik, WG’76

McClain Gordon, WG’73

John Hendricks, WG’66

Clifford Leventhal, C’51, WG’56

Edward Lyons, WG’64

John Majane, WG’58

David Morgan, CCIM, WG’69

Rick Perkins, WG’70

DeWitt Peterson, WG’56

Dick Rappleye WG’65

Paul Schurr, WG’62

Myron Weiner, WG’51

Thomas Vincent, WG’56

Kevin Woelflein, WG’58

*Eugene DiRe, WG’52

*Matti K. Gershenfeld, WG’51

*Milt Silver, WG’52

*John (Jack) Smith, WG’52

Quincy Williams, WG’57

Tom Jones, WG’57

Salomon Moussatche, WG’48

Jack Holton, WG’73

Alexander Morisey WG’64

Stephen J. Kobrin WG’62

Ed Lyons, WG’64

Leadership Committee

* asterisk = deceased

  • View All Committee Members
  • Founders
  • Leadership

Tom Jones, WG’57

Tom Hadlock, WG’66, Chair

Thomas Vincent, WG’56

Connect With Us

The Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society has group pages on both LinkedIn and Facebook. The purpose of these groups is to bring you current information about the School, and its students, faculty and curriculum as well as to bring you information on what the world is saying about Wharton, and other information of interest to WGES members.

If you are a member of LinkedIn or Facebook you can search for “Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society” and ask to become a member of one of these groups. You could also email Rick Perkins at raperk1@gmail.com and he will invite you to become a member of one of the groups.

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