Letter to the 1972 and 1977 WG Graduation Classes


Dear Fellow Alumni:

Congratulations on your having reached this major milestone in your lives, 50 and 45 years, respectively, since graduating from the Wharton Graduate School.  I am certain that you have gone on to many other important accomplishments in your lives.

But it is not the past that I want to dwell on with you, it is the future.  I doubt that any of you are ready to accept that your days of greatest productivity are behind you. Rather, you are looking ahead to possible additional accomplishments.  You are thinking about how you can leave your mark on your local community and the larger community that the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School serve.

The Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society would like to suggest a few programs for your consideration.  They all involve service to both your local community and the larger one that the Wharton Graduate School tries to serve.  The list of those services is included in the enclosed letter.

We invite you to seriously consider participating in any one or more of these activities by contacting Tom Hadlock at thadlock64@gmail.com.  We believe that your participation will add to your feeling of lifetime fulfillment.  It will also give you the opportunity to meet and work with other Wharton Graduates.

Once again, congratulations on the 45th and 50th anniversary of your graduation from the Wharton Graduate School of Business.



Robert P. (Bob) Blumenthal WG ‘63