WGES DC Area Lunch April 11, 2024

WGES Lunch

Thanks to all whom came Thursday. Included above from the left are Kersy Dastur ’71, Barry Gordon ’57,Harry Ridenour ’65, John Majane ’58, J. Mills Williams ’71, Jesse Cantrill college. ’63, ’73 and Mike Harrigon col.’64 ’70.

Good conversation.

Mike Harrigon has agreed to tell us about his extensive experience with and on the board of the Olympic program and the very many celebrities and near celebrities with whom he has been personally acquainted and friends with. This for our next get together on 20 June. Please join us in Potomac on that Thursday around 11.45 at the same venue, the Hunters Inn and Bar at the intersection of River Road and Falls Road.

Thanks again all!

John Majane Wh Gr 1958