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Welcome from Tom Hadlock,WG’66, your New Incoming Chair of the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society. In addition to all of the programming and activities that WGES has undertaken from its inception, my vision and initiatives include:

  • Taking WGES on the road – more events outside Philadelphia
  • More partnership with the Penn Old Guard – especially Wharton Undergrads
  • Creating a more vibrant online community

In this update of our website, I would like to encourage you to check out the following new & interesting items on your WGES website:

On the News & Views page, the summer Wharton picked up the WGES theme that in “retirement”, WGES members continue to make significant contributions to the economy and society. Check out the Summer 201 issue of the Wharton Magazine (pages 72-76), “Ain’t No Stopping us Now.” WGES even got a plug in this article: http://whartonmagazine.com/issues/summer-2014/aint-no-stopping-us-now/

On the Homepage, my first video as the WGES new Steering Committee Chair, which details some areas of additional WGES programs and activities.

On the Events page:

  • October 31 – November 2: Homecoming Weekend 2014 Featuring Arts & Culture at Penn (http://www.alumni.upenn.edu/s/1587/gid2/index_sticky.aspx?sid=1587&gid=2&sitebuilder=1&sitebuilder=1&pgid=412&contentbuilder=1)
  • October 31 – Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society (WGES) Homecoming Happy Hour – San Francisco (http://www.ncpennclub.com/article.html?aid=764)

On the Events page, the return of a Member Quiz (with prizes). this time the theme is “Philadelphia Sports Figures and Teams”

On the Steering Committee page, and update of officers and members of the WGES Steering Committee

We welcome any ideas you have for other items you would like to see on your website. Let us hear from you!!

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Insider’s Guide to the WGES Website

Insiders Guide to the WGES Website