Kevin Woelflein, WG’58

I learned much at hundreds of lectures at MIT and Wharton. But one of my most vivid memories was a luncheon speech by the venerable Mr. Murphy. He said that once he had been asked to give a lecture to a group of teenagers about life in all its aspects.Read More

Quincy Williams, WG’57

I was fortunate to have Frank Parker as professor in two courses, Business Cycles and Commercial Credit. The former was the best course I had at Wharton and Dr. Parker was the best professor I had in college and graduate school: witty, provocative, with great sense of humor, challenging butRead More

Milton Silver, EE’50, WG’52

Dr. George Taylor was summoned to Washington by the President to help resolve a labor (union)-management dispute in auto, and/or mining industry. Dr. Taylor, a world renowned expert in collective bargaining would always “report back” to our faculty and students. He was one of many outstanding professors in the industryRead More

Carl Shaifer, WG’57

We had some great professors in the middle ’50s. Among others, those I remember with affection were Blankertz, Howard, Grudinsky and Cataldo. I switched classes to get Bernie Cataldo for Business Law—he was terrific. One quotation that he gave us, came from Faust by Goethe, and has stuck with meRead More

Paul Schurr, WG’62

Here are a few links to some interesting historical points: Educational costs in 1960: History of Wharton buildings, including Huntsman, Vance, Dietrich, and Steinberg-Dietrich, in addition to Penn’s Claudia Cohen Hall (formerly Logan).  Did you know that Dietrich Hall was among the first buildings completed at Penn after World War II, andRead More

Salomon Moussatche, WG’48

When I arrived to the Wharton campus at age 19, I was the first student ever admitted from Argentina. In my interview with Director Clyde Kahler, we were setting the core subjects I should take in order to graduate and when he mentioned “Advanced Economics” I reminded him that myRead More

John Majane, WG’58

I met my wife of 55 years there. She was at an affair with a friend of mine when I first saw her. It was at the venerable Franklin Institute. A dinner under the view of Benjamin Franklin. That great old marble statue. It is of course, still there. AndRead More

Phillip Gehman, WG’59

One of my fondest memories in my first year at Wharton was attending classes on the American Labor Movement and Negotiations led by Dr. George W. Taylor, a brilliant and world renowned professor and expert in his field. I felt especially honored to have studied under him and to haveRead More