Chairman’s Report for the Alumni Outreach Committee


We are working with Helen Formanes to have a Class Correspondent for each year. As you may know, these alumni are from each Wharton MBA class and are one of the key people to gather news and other information about alumni for each specific year of graduation. Wharton Magazine staff send a reminder to Class Correspondents on a quarterly basis, asking each one to forward information via email for updates on class members, photos, memoirs, etc. which they have obtained in their outreach to fellow classmates. The news and notes are edited and published in both the printed and online editions of the Wharton Magazine.

Below is a list of the current Class Correspondents who have been forwarding any information they have for their class year. As you can see, we need a Class Correspondent for the following years: 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1959, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1968, and 1969.

List of Current Class Correspondents:

WG’49 Leonard Feldman and Hugh Gillespie

WG’50 Need Class Correspondent

WG’51 Need Class Correspondent

WG’52 Need Class Correspondent

WG’53 Need Class Correspondent

WG’54 Need Class Correspondent

WG’55 Edgar W. Caterson

WG’56 C. DeWitt Peterson

WG’57 Philip Murkett

WG’58 Walter S. Bruckner and John Majane

WG’59 Need Class Correspondent

WG’60 James Koch

WG’61 Frank Pinkus

WG’62 Need Class Correspondent

WG’63 Need Class Correspondent

WG’64 Dick Rappleye

WG’65 Martin Stankard

WG’66 Edward R. Raupp

WG’67 John W. Thompson

WG’68 Need Class Correspondent

WG’69 Need Class Correspondent

If you would like to volunteer for your particular year, please contact Helen Formanes at

Helen and I will be glad to help answer any questions which you may have, and thank you in advance if you would like to volunteer.


Grant Greapentrog