Finding Balance

Finding balance is an art. There is no correct solution that will work for everyone. We do know, however, that one must focus on the physical, mental, social, and environmental aspects:

  • The physical includes a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, and meditation or yoga.
  • The mental encompasses a daily plan, setting achievable goals, doing things that bring you joy, learning new subjects, and giving attention to your spiritual well-being.
  • The social portion addresses having a social life, healthy relationships with family, effective communication, community involvement, and developing a balance between all the other elements as well.
  • The environmental element may be something new to focus on, but is very important at this stage of life, emphasizing the need to declutter, to keep a clean workspace, and to maintain a positive attitude toward life.

Each of these aspects must be given attention so that they all grow and each one does not fall too far behind the others.

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