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Living longer in retirement brings greater attention to the importance of health and wellness.  Genes and upbringing are clearly factors, but most important are lifestyle choices.  Now is the time to take another look – and to be willing to change.  In addition to lifestyle, it is vital to address one’s attitude.  Around 40% of premature deaths (defined as occurring before age 75) are related to lifestyle choices.    Changes to physical activity, stress management, and diet are examples of the lifestyle changes that are up to you.  The evidence is now clear that by the time you’re around 60 years old, 75% of your health outcomes are determined by your choices.  The good news, however, is that you can still adjust your lifestyle now to improve and lengthen your life.  It’s now accepted that thinking and living younger actually effects your health and longevity. The following information/links and resources are to help you make some changes, physically and mentally … but as always, the work necessary for positive change is up to you.

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