Washington, D.C.


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Washington, D.C.


Thank you for attending!

Now, More Than Ever, the world needs Wharton.

Join us as we celebrate More Than Ever, Wharton’s campaign, and hear an all-star lineup of Wharton professors present their latest research in a dynamic format. Enjoy conversations with industry thought leaders, alumni, and faculty at a reception following the program.


Featured Faculty

Jessie Handbury
Assistant Professor of Real Estate

Urban Revival

Long-run persistent changes in household formation and incomes are changing how and where young professionals choose to live. As this key consumer segment increasingly outsources home production, they are moving back into urban, amenity-rich locations.

Raghu Iyengar
Miers-Busch, W’1885 Professor
Professor of Marketing
Faculty Co-Director ofWharton Customer Analytics Initiative

The Impact of Subscription Programs on Customer Purchases

Subscription programs are increasingly popular among a wide variety of retailers including Amazon (Prime), Barnes & Noble (B&N Membership), and Sephora (Flash). These types of programs give members access to a set of exclusive benefits for a fixed fee upfront, but what are the implications for subscription businesses and customer retention?

Kevin Werbach
Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics

Trust the Blockchain?

The world is experiencing a crisis of trust. Is the much-hyped blockchain technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the answer? Or will it make the problem that much worse?


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The world and its complex challenges require innovative solutions. More than ever, Wharton is positioned to meet these challenges head on.

This campaign will bolster the people, the research, the partnerships, the education, and the spaces that spark great ideas and bring them to global scale.

Join us.