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2024 Class Gift

Graduation brings with it certain traditions: the black robes, the mortarboards, the velvet hoods. One of Wharton’s most important traditions is making a Class Gift to The Wharton Fund, to commemorate what we’ve gained personally and professionally during our years at the School.

Our Class Gift will not just fund future initiatives but will directly support experiential learning in the form of Global Modular Courses, student-life programming like Semester in San Francisco, and other vital initiatives that attract a vibrant and diverse student body. Our Class Gift ensures that Wharton remains at the forefront of business education worldwide, and that future students will have the same transformative Wharton experience that we did.

#FundtheWhartonFuture — support our 2024 Class Gift Campaign, today!

About the Fellows

The Alumni Fellows are 25 second-year MBA student leaders within the Wharton Community. Alumni Fellows:

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Educate their classmates on the importance of philanthropy and establishing lifelong engagement with Wharton.

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Collaborate with Student Life and External Affairs through a year-long program.

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Organize and execute their Class Gift Campaign during their final spring semester.

Meet the 2024 Alumni Fellows

Russel Matambo

Russell Matambo – Co- Chair

Picture of Maryam Alausa

Maryam Alausa – Co – Chair

Hailey Ji

Hailey Ji

Chidinma Nnoromele

Picture of Sharina Woo

Sharina Woo

Halle Aberhm

Halle Aberhm

Abisola Akinyemi

Jared Dawson

Jared Dawson

Roni Hacham

Eberechi Ihezie

Sunny Jiang

Yuval Luxenburg

Yuval Luxenburg

Megan Mchale

Zachary Morley

Tom Ng

Doris Ofori

Wasim Ottman

Geoff Rosin

Mrinalini Samanta

Mrinalini Samanta

Ankita Shrivastava

Pratyusha Simharaju

Kendall Smith

Jennifer Walker-Crawford

Jennifer Walker-Crawford

Picture of Phillip Weinstein

Phillip Weinstein

Picture day Martha Wolday

Martha Wolday

Become a Fellow

MBAs are eligible to apply to become an Alumni Fellow in the spring of their first year.

Benefits of Being an Alumni Fellow:

  • Hands on experience running a philanthropic campaign
  • Board Mentorship Program: opportunity to be matched with a member of Wharton’s Executive Board for one-on-one mentorship and networking
  • Networking opportunities with notable Wharton staff and alumni faculty, including a Dean’s Reception
  • Access to Wharton External Affairs that continues into alumni status
  • Opportunity to meet new people and build long-term relationships with your peers
  • Represent Wharton in branding and marketing materials

Frequently Asked Questions

▼ How does the work of the Alumni Fellows help current students?

Funds raised by the Alumni Fellows for the MBA Class Gift support The Wharton Fund. The Wharton Fund provides a valuable, consistent stream of resources that alleviate operating costs and the transferring of those costs to current students. The Wharton Fund helps the School respond to immediate needs, unexpected opportunities, and plan for the future.

▼ When can I apply to be an Alumni Fellow?

Full Time MBAs are eligible to apply to be an Alumni Fellow in the spring semester of their first year. Applications can be submitted on this site only during recruiting season. The program takes place during the entirety of the second year. Contact Isaiah Bryant, (details below) for additional information.

▼ Can I apply to be an Alumni Fellow in my second year?

No. Applications will not be accepted as Alumni Fellows are already working on their MBA Class Gift campaign by early fall of their second year.

▼ Can I still become an Alumni Fellow if I’m traveling in my second year?

In order to serve as an Alumni Fellow, students must be on campus the spring semester of their second year. Participating in Semester in San Francisco or another off-campus activity is permitted during the fall semester. Alumni Fellows who travel during the fall semester are asked to remain engaged by calling into meetings and participating in ongoing MBA Class Gift efforts.

▼ Are Alumni Fellows paid positions?

Yes. Alumni Fellows are compensated for their participation as they work towards building philanthropic engagement between current MBA students and the School.

▼ Do I need prior fundraising experience?

No. Alumni Fellows attend an orientation and other meetings that explain the importance of philanthropy and provide them with strategies to help build confidence and a solid foundation for fundraising.

▼ What’s the Board Mentor Program?

The Board Mentor Program is a 1:1 mentoring relationship that pairs every Alumni Fellow with a current Wharton Executive Board Member. The mentoring relationship can be personal or professional-focused. The Board Member will share their passion for Wharton and giving back to the School with their assigned Fellow. This is an excellent and exclusive networking opportunity.

Meet Prior Alumni Fellows

Established at the start of the 2015 academic year, the Alumni Fellows program currently boasts over 130 alumni and counting.

▼ Meet the 2023 Alumni Fellows

Mary Joseph, Co-Chair
Raveena Kaur, Co-Chair
Harold Agblonon
Spandana Bhattacharya
Sukrit Chadha
Justin Chen
Ben Chongbanyatcharoen
Tiffani Davis
Arelyss Eblohoue
Joshua El-Bey
Saachi Gupta
Harrison Hart
Clare Hewitt
Jasmyn Howell
Yongmei Hu
Rafiat Kasumu
Justin Kelly
Will Kimball
Erika Lawrence
Mor Levin
Emilee Liu
Sisi Liu
Jordi Lokanata
Andy Mitchell
Imani Moody
Leah Ojesina
Chad Payne
Eliza Rothstein
Naina Seth
Ruby Tang

▼ Meet the 2022 Alumni Fellows

Gautam Chokhani, WG’22 Co-Chair
Julie Xu, WG’22 Co-Chair
Perrin (Tyler) Bulakul WG’22
Gabriela Campoverde WG’22
Peilu Chen WG’22
Laura Claggett WG’22
Julliard Del Rosario WG’22
Kevin Dong WG’22
Saphir Esmail WG’22
Javier Gonzalez WG’22
Alex Hsu WG’22
Peter Kaputsos WG’22
Sam Karlin WG’22
Celiwe (Vee) Kawa WG’22
Sophia Kim WG’22
Julie Maddrey WG’22
Azline Nelson WG’22
Melvin Pina WG’22
Megan Reed WG’22
David Rubin WG’22
Mansukh Singh WG’22
Ariel Stern WG’22
Shruti Tadepalli WG’22

▼ Meet the 2021 Alumni Fellows

Ms. Danielle Finnerty, WG’21, Co-Chair
Mr. John Sonsalla, WG’21, Co-Chair
Ms. Shreya Bhargava, WG’21
Mr. Dhanawat (Warren) Darakanada, WG’21
Mr. Chukwuemeka (Mike) Ejoh, WG’21
Ms. Chengyan (Clarisse) Feng, WG’21
Ms. Arushi Gupta, WG’21
Ms. Yoojin Jang, WG’21
Ms. Shuni Liu, WG’21
Ms. Jennifer Million, WG’21
Ms. Aishwarya Mohapatra, WG’21
Mr. Dhruv Parikh, WG’21
Ms. Leslie Peng, WG’21
Mr. James Rex, WG’21
Mr. Kaustubh (Kos) Singhal, WG’21
Ms. Sakshi Soorma, WG’21
Ms. Neha Srivastava, WG’21
Ms. Liren Truong, WG’21
Mr. Stephen Varghese, WG’21
Ms. Erica Williams, WG’21
Mr. Oscar Wong, WG’21
Ms. Audrey Yong, WG’21
Ms. Amy Yuan, WG’21

▼ Meet the 2020 Alumni Fellows

Ms. Diana Ann Jiang, WG’20, Co-Chair
Ms. Ishani Shrestha, WG’20, Co-Chair
Mr. Karim Ghassan Ahmad, WG’20
Ms. Claudia S. Ayaquil, WG’20
Ms. Sarah Shabnum Azizi, WG’20
Mr. Joseph Edward Buckley, WG’20
Mr. Peter Hansen Chapin, WG’20
Ms. Yi-Ting (Michelle) Chen, WG’20
Mr. Sakib Ahmed Chowdhury, WG’20
Mr. Aaron Roi Cohen, G’20 WG’20
Mr. Clifford Scott Cohn, G’20 WG’20
Mr. Brendan Green Crowley, G’20 WG’20
Mr. Anthony Gerard Gokianluy, WG’20
Ms. Melanie Jabbour, WG’20
Ms. Qiancheng (Verona) Lu, WG’20
Mr. Ronak Mayur Mehta, WG’20
Mr. Kenechukwu (Kenny) Nelson Osakwe, WG’20
Ms. Ravali Parsa, WG’20
Mr. Benjamin Ryan, WG’20
Mr. Hinal Shah, WG’20
Mr. Chirag Thaker, WG’20
Ms. Yingnan (Nancy) Xu, WG’20
Ms. Qian Xue, WG’20
Ms. Qiaoyi (Chelsie) Zhang, WG’20

▼ Meet the 2019 Alumni Fellows

Mr. William Guo, WG’19, Co-Chair
Ms. Amee Shrimanker, WG’19, Co-Chair
Mr. Shunsuke Aonuma, G’19 WG’19
Ms. Jerina Martini Coku, WG’19
Mr. Kartik Das, G’19 WG’19
Mr. Rahul Garg, WG’19
Ms. Khushboo Goel, WG’19
Mr. Rohit Gupta, WG’19
Ms. Jennifer R. Ji, WG’19
Ms. Seoyeong Kim, WG’19
Ms. Emelia Larbi-Yeboa, WG’19
Ms. Jamila Chouyin Ma, WG’19
Mr. Ramy Matar, WG’19
Ms. Negin Navab, WG’19
Mr. Joshua Tu Tuan Nguyen, WG’19
Mr. Chong Ni, WG’19
Mr. David Ninikelashvili, WG’19
Ms. Chika Antoinette Ofili, WG’19
Mrs. Nicolette Obiaderi Omoile, WG’19
Ms. Sherrise Eugenie Pond, WG’19
Ms. Ankita Sodani, WG’19
Ms. Milo Yinian Tong, WG’19
Ms. Hafou Aissata Toure, WG’19
Ms. Sijia Yu, G’19 WG’19

▼ Meet the 2018 Alumni Fellows

Mr. Arjun Balaguru Baskaran, WG’18, Co-Chair
Mr. Richard Ts Koo, G’18 WG’18, Co-Chair
Mr. Ankit Agarwal, WG’18
Ms. Elizabeth (Lisa) Mari Andrekovich, WG’18
Ms. Anisha Arora, WG’18
Mr. Ross Andrew Caton, G’18 WG’18
Ms. Carina Cayan Chan, C’14 W’14 WG’18
Ms. Natalie N. Edwards, WG’18
Mr. Vivek Goyal, WG’18
Ms. Ayushi Gummadi, WG’18
Mr. Charles Cheever Hardwick, WG’18
Mr. Dhruv Jaggia, WG’18
Mr. Ryan Dunham Jewett, WG’18
Ms. Zeenia Jasper Kateli, G’18 WG’18
Ms. Cornelia Signe Moore, WG’18
Ms. Akwugo Ekene Nnama, WG’19
Mr. Itamar M. Rahabi, WG’18
Ms. Courtney Adams Sherman, WG’18
Ms. Anupama Suryanarayanan, WG’18
Mr. Neil Ralph Szymczak, WG’18
Ms. Nwamaka (Amaka) Uzoh, WG’18
Ms. Kathryn (Katie) Anne Welsh, WG’18
Mr. Jiahong Xu, WG’18
Ms. Xiaomeng (Jessica) Zeng, WG’18

▼ Meet the 2017 Alumni Fellows

Ms. Karen Au Yeung, C’10 ENG’10 WG’17
Mr. Duncan Conrad Bays, WG’17
Mr. Guillermo Medina Benitez, G’17 WG’17
Mr. Robert Charles Brazer, WG’17
Ms. Sarah Budhiman, WG’17
Ms. Michelle Sarah Claxton, WG’17
Mr. Timothy William Danser, WG’17
Ms. Mary Lyman Gamber, WG’17
Ms. Kerry Ann Goodenow, WG’17
Ms. Rachel Shelbi Grant, WG’17
Ms. YanJie Hou, WG’17
Ms. Colleen Ann McQuillan, WG’17
Mr. Nicholas Jordan Mora, WG’20
Ms. Rupsa Mukherjee, WG’17
Ms. Irene Donna Nejad, WG’17
Mr. Viraj Patel, WG’17
Mr. Jeffrey Luke Perkowski, WG’17
Ms. Alex Sawyer Royer, WG’17
Ms. Emily Allyn Weber, WG’17
Mr. Wilson S. Wong, G’17 WG’17
Ms. Jungha Yi, G’17 WG’17

▼ Meet the 2016 Alumni Fellows

Ms. Priya Chapnerkar Boyington, WG’16
Ms. Yue Jenny Cao-Wu, WG’16
Ms. Emily G. Chau, WG’16
Ms. Anne-Marie Chun, WG’16
Mr. Benjamin S. Cirlin, C’09 WG’16
Mr. Saul Udwin Gorman, WG’16
Ms. Xiaoyue He, WG’16
Mr. Daniel Ingram, WG’16
Ms. Katarzyna Janczura, WG’16
Mr. Anirudh Jangalapalli, WG’16
Mr. Zachary James Kahn, WG’16
Ms. Sydney A. Lapeyrolerie, WG’16
Ms. Steffi Li, WG’16
Ms. Jessica Kate London, WG’16
Mr. Jonathan David Mueller, WG’16
Mr. Adam Parchue, WG’16
Mr. Samir Pendse, WG’16
Mr. Neil Harish Shrimanker, WG’16
Mr. Jasdeep Singh, WG’16
Ms. Diviya Thomas, WG’16
Ms. Christina Uribe, WG’16
Ms. Laura Zhu, WG’16

▼ Meet the 2015 Alumni Fellows

Ms. Christine Elizabeth Acker, WG’15
Ms. Kathleen Taylor Betz, WG’15
Ms. Danika Marie Fry, WG’15
Ms. Julia Squires Hazen, G’15 WG’15
Ms. Amy Marie Jaxheimer, WG’15
Mr. Price Alexander Karr, WG’15
Ms. Stephanie Jan Landry, WG’15
Mr. William Cowles Leavitt, WG’15
Mr. Daniel Andrew Leclerc, WG’15
Mr. Albert Ren Lee, WG’15
Mr. Hyunwoo Nam, WG’15
Mr. Harman Singh Narula, WG’15
Mr. Edward J. Nie, ENG’10 W’10 WG’15
Ms. Jamie Greta Quinn, WG’15
Mr. Robert James Reish, WG’15
Ms. Alana J. Rush, WG’15
Ms. Kaitlin Anne Solera, WG’15
Mr. Rayan Taleb, WG’15
Mr. Jackie C. Wong, GAR’07 WG’15

Picture of Isaiah Bryant

Contact Us

If you wish to speak to someone about the Alumni Fellows Program, please contact Isaiah Bryant, Associate Director of Student and Young Alumni Philanthropy, at +1.215.573.7352 or email him at ibryant@wharton.upenn.edu.

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