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2023 Class Gift

Graduation brings with it certain traditions: the black robes, the mortarboards, the velvet hoods. One of Wharton’s most important traditions is making a Class Gift to The Wharton Fund, to commemorate what we’ve gained personally and professionally during our years at the School.

Our Class Gift will not just fund future initiatives but will directly support experiential learning in the form of Global Modular Courses, student-life programming like Semester in San Francisco, and other vital initiatives that attract a vibrant and diverse student body. Our Class Gift ensures that Wharton remains at the forefront of business education worldwide, and that future students will have the same transformative Wharton experience that we did.

#FundtheWhartonFuture — support our 2023 Class Gift Campaign, today!

About the Fellows

The Alumni Fellows are 32 second-year MBA student leaders within the Wharton Community. Alumni Fellows:

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Educate their classmates on the importance of philanthropy and establishing lifelong engagement with Wharton.

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Collaborate with Student Life and External Affairs through a year-long program.

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Organize and execute their Class Gift Campaign during their final spring semester.

Meet the 2023 Alumni Fellows

Co-Chair, Mary Joseph headshot

Mary Joseph, Co-Chair

Co-Chair, Raveena Kaur headshot

Raveena Kaur, Co-Chair

Harold Agblonon headshot

Harold Agblonon

Spandana Bhattacharya headshot

Spandana Bhattacharya

Sukrit Chadha headshot

Sukrit Chadha

Justin Chen headshot

Justin Chen

Ben Chongbanyatcharoen headshot

Ben Chongbanyatcharoen

Tiffani Davis headshot

Tiffani Davis

Arelyss Eblohoue headshot

Arelyss Eblohoue

Picture of Joshua El-Bey

Joshua El-Bey

Saachi Gupta headshot

Saachi Gupta

Harrison Hart headshot

Harrison Hart

Clare Hewitt headshot

Clare Hewitt

Jasmyn Howell headshot

Jasmyn Howell

Yongmei Hu headshot

Yongmei Hu

Rafiat Kasumu headshot

Rafiat Kasumu

Justin Kelly headshot

Justin Kelly

Will Kimball headshot

Will Kimball

Erika Lawrence headshot

Erika Lawrence

Mor Levin headshot

Mor Levin

Emilee Liu headshot

Emilee Liu

Sisi Liu headshot

Sisi Liu

Jordi Lokanata headshot

Jordi Lokanata

Andy Mitchell headshot

Andy Mitchell

Imani Moody headshot

Imani Moody

Leah Ojesina headshot

Leah Ojesina

Chad Payne headshot

Chad Payne

Eliza Rothstein headshot

Eliza Rothstein

Naina Seth headshot

Naina Seth

Ruby Tang headshot

Ruby Tang

Become a Fellow

MBAs are eligible to apply to become an Alumni Fellow in the spring of their first year.

Benefits of Being an Alumni Fellow:

• Hands on experience running a philanthropic campaign

• Board Mentorship Program: opportunity to be matched with a member of Wharton’s Executive Board for one-on-one mentorship and networking

• Networking opportunities with notable Wharton staff and alumni faculty, including a Dean’s Reception

• Access to Wharton External Affairs that continues into alumni status

• Opportunity to meet new people and build long-term relationships with your peers

• Represent Wharton in branding and marketing materials

2024 Alumni Fellow Applications will open in the spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

▼ How does the work of the Alumni Fellows help current students?

Funds raised by the Alumni Fellows for the MBA Class Gift support The Wharton Fund. The Wharton Fund provides a valuable, consistent stream of resources that alleviate operating costs and the transferring of those costs to current students. The Wharton Fund helps the School respond to immediate needs, unexpected opportunities, and plan for the future.

▼ When can I apply to be an Alumni Fellow?

Full Time MBAs are eligible to apply to be an Alumni Fellow in the spring semester of their first year. Applications can be submitted on this site only during recruiting season. The program takes place during the entirety of the second year. Contact Laurie Rothenberg, details below, for additional information.

▼ Can I apply to be an Alumni Fellow in my second year?

No. Applications will not be accepted as Alumni Fellows are already working on their MBA Class Gift campaign by early fall of their second year.

▼ Can I still become an Alumni Fellow if I’m traveling in my second year?

In order to serve as an Alumni Fellow, students must be on campus the spring semester of their second year. Participating in Semester in San Francisco or another off-campus activity is permitted during the fall semester. Alumni Fellows who travel during the fall semester are asked to remain engaged by calling into meetings and participating in ongoing MBA Class Gift efforts.

▼ Are Alumni Fellows paid positions?

No. Alumni Fellows are unpaid positions that work towards building philanthropic engagement between current MBA students and the School.

▼ Do I need prior fundraising experience?

No. Alumni Fellows attend an orientation and other meetings that explain the importance of philanthropy and provide them with strategies to help build confidence and a solid foundation for fundraising.

▼ What’s the Board Mentor Program?

The Board Mentor Program is a 1:1 mentoring relationship that pairs every Alumni Fellow with a current Wharton Executive Board Member. The mentoring relationship can be personal or professional-focused. The Board Member will share their passion for Wharton and giving back to the School with their assigned Fellow. This is an excellent and exclusive networking opportunity.

Ways to Give

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact The Wharton Fund at +1.215.898.7868 or whartonfund@wharton.upenn.edu

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