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2023 Website Presentation

Alumni First Design Strategy

An inclusive design initiative for all of our alumni

  • We want to think of how to make digital products that are easy to use for:
  • Our oldest alumni
  • Our youngest alumni
  • Alumni at different career levels
  • Alumni with visible and less visible disabilities
  • Alumni with large monitors and small tablets.
  • Alumni with 5G devices and with a 5G iPhone
  • Alumni diverse in race, gender expression, abilities, and more
  • Alumni grads from outside of the Philadelphia campus.

Surveys and Usability Studies

Every time an alumni answers a survey we learn the what, where, who, when, and how

  • How our alumni are struggling to use the alumni website
  • Who do we have an opportunity to provide a better website experience
  • What our alumni are most interested in on our websites
  • When in our alumni’s careers do they need specific resources
  • Where on our websites we can make improvements for alumni and our partners

Fiscal Year 2023 & 2024 User Experience and Design Goals

How we are planning for the future of the alumni website.

  • Wharton Activate webpages are currently in development
  • Emeritus Society will be adding new content about their program Thriving in Retirement
  • An update to the top-level navigation system is in its early stages
  • Wharton Reunion will continue to be updated with event information as we get closer to May.

Redesigned Alumni Homepage

Design launched in January 2023

Wharton Women

Landing page design launched in November 2022

Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society Logo

Emeritus Website

New design, migration, and launched in May 2022

MBA Reunion Weekend 2023 May 12 - 13

Reunion Website

Website migration and design launched in December 2022

Picture of a large group of alumni at a Wharton Reunion event

Reunion Photo Yearbook

Smug Mug site design launched in December 2022

My Role

Hannah Urkowitz, UX Designer / Web Designer

Other Contributing Roles:

Corey Riddle, Creative Director
Trevor Adams, Associate Director of Digital Designer
Adam Bencan Associate Director, Digital Marketing Communications
Georgia Kouzukas, Senior Associate Director of Digital Engagement
Liz Bjordal, Associate Director, Digital Engagement

Ian Scheffler, Marketing Writer
Eileen Reinhard, Senior Writer and Multimedia Producer
(Tosin) Oluwatosin Omujola, Work Study
Kai Mai, Work Study
Eleni Rengepis, Communications Director