Startup Challenge Semifinalist: CitySense

Team Leader:
Mitch Gainer, WG’18

Team Members:
Marc Giesener, WG’18
Christophe Williams, WG’18

elevator pitch: Water utilities lose $14 billion every year from leaks, faulty meters, and water theft. CitySense provides analytics services to identify and capture this lost revenue.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
Before coming to Wharton, I worked with mayors across the U.S. I loved working with mayors. They were close enough to a community to really understand the needs and powerful enough to do something about it. But time and again, they told me about how they lacked the analytical toolbox to tackle some of their most pressing problems. This was especially true with water utilities, a fundamental service the city provides. Working with my contacts in cities across the U.S. we developed a set of analytic solutions for water utilities to help them run more effectively.

How will your venture change the world?
Access to reliable, clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. Right now, water utilities are facing increased pressure from tightening margins. Water line breaks have disrupted schools, dislocated families, and destroyed homes. Our passion is to help cities run these utilities more effectively and prevent catastrophe.

Fun Facts:

  • Mitch Gainer has watched Fast and Furious 4 over two dozen times.
  • Marc Giesener lived in Amsterdam for over a year.
  • Christophe Williams enjoys skiing double black diamond slopes.