Wharton School Announces New Executive Board Appointments

Rosanna Ramos-Velita, G’92, WG’92, Chair, Executive Board for Latin America and Bonnie Jonas, W’91, Chair, Undergraduate Executive Board (L-R)

The Wharton School is delighted to announce new appointments to the School’s eight Executive Boards.

Wharton’s Executive Boards are an integral part of Wharton’s leadership structure. Members of the Executive Boards help advise the School and enhance and expand Wharton’s impact as the foremost teaching, research, and experience-led business school in the world. Their engagement as advocates for the School is particularly important in this final year of the More Than Ever campaign.

Wharton congratulates the following new members and current members with new appointments whose terms began on July 1, 2020:

  • Saleh Al-Ateeqi, WG’04 (Executive Board for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
  • John Ayoh, WG’87 (Executive Board for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
  • Sujit Banerjee, WG’00 (Graduate Executive Board)
  • Neeraj Bharadwaj, W’91 (Executive Education Board)
  • Jessica Hoffman Brennan, WG’01 (Graduate Executive Board)
  • Leslee Neiman Cowen, W’94 (Undergraduate Executive Board)
  • James Cowles, WG’79 (Graduate Executive Board)
  • Jacob Doft, W’91 (Undergraduate Executive Board)
  • Albert Dombrowski, WG’93 (Alumni Executive Board)
  • Alejandra Fernandez, WG’96 (Executive Board for Latin America)
  • Rodrigo Fernandez, WG’04 (Executive Board for Latin America)
  • Makoto Fukuhara, G’88, WG’88 (Executive Board for Asia)
  • Michael Klein, W’85 (Board of Overseers)
  • Richard Jay Mack, W’89 (Board of Overseers)
  • Frank Mattern, WG’90 (Executive Board for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
  • Megha Mittal, W’97 (Board of Overseers)
  • Zachary Pack (Graduate Executive Board)
  • Howard Sanders, W’88 (Undergraduate Executive Board)
  • Carlos A. Schonfeld, W’93 (Executive Board for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
  • Robert Schwartz, W’97 (Alumni Executive Board)
  • Vinit Sethi, C’95, W’95 (Undergraduate Executive Board)
  • Jeffrey C. Smith, W’94 (Undergraduate Executive Board)
  • Nick Thakore, WG’93 (Alumni Executive Board)
  • Roberto Thompson Motta, WG’86 (Graduate Executive Board)
  • Joe Tian, WG’98 (Executive Board for Asia)
  • Nathaniel S. Turner V, W’08 (Undergraduate Executive Board)
  • Miguel Uccelli, WG’98 (Executive Board for Latin America)
  • Anré D. Williams, WG’90 (Board of Overseers)

The School also recognizes Bernard Wendeln, WG’04 as the new chair of the Executive Board for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as of July 1, 2020, and thanks him for his leadership and dedication.