Other Challenges and Transitions

We always have challenges and transitions in life.  Some of the major ones we face during this mid-retirement phase of life go beyond dealing with depression, stress, financial awareness and of accepting  the reality of this phase of life.  Studies show that depression during this time of life is common and can have more serious effects if not addressed.  Stress likewise can be more difficult, as we often have fewer social and mental skills to help us through such periods.  Financial matters should have been put in order in advance of retirement, but they now need to be understood in light of economic and unexpected events.  Perhaps one of the most difficult transitions is reaching the point of acceptance – acceptance of change and the new realities that face us.  Challenges also include the rapid increase in technology, and changes we never anticipated.  Another challenge that must also be acknowledged is our own spiritual development that often comes to the forefront at this time of life.  Although these challenges are different for each of us, they are common to us all.  The following information/links and resources will hopefully make these transitions easier and smoother.

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