WGES Chair Report for Jan-June, 2022


Tom Hadlock


lst Half 2022 – WGES Activities


Below is a series of active steps the WGES Leadership Committee has taken over the past six months…based on our regular monthly meetings and related events:

  • Surveyed evaluated and honored two more Crandall Challenge award recipients for year 2021-22 year…Robert Crawford and Chip Fisher.  Chalices and certificates presented at Wharton/Penn reunion in May 2022.   Plus four additional awardees were honored – Reid Becker/Russell Redenbaugh/Malcolm Bund/Bob Crawford. At same time broadened awareness of this program through increased PR with Wharton Magazine and other media as appropriate.  Note photo of those recognized (to be inserted) See Honor Roll attachment for all recipients.  Hats off to Crandall Committee led by McClain Gordon WG’73


  • Extended outreach of WGES activities by engaging with two non profit organizations…Philabundance and LICT.  Respectively providing food for needy and offering financing assistance both in the local Philadelphia area. Cheers to Maryfrances Davis WG’70.


  • Updated the WGES website – all sections included such as Programs/Events/Composition/How to Participate/Leadership History and More.  School IT Administration was most helpful and much appreciated.  Hoorays to Myron Weiner WG’51 and David Morgan WG’69.  Go to: https://alumni.wharton.upenn.edu/emeritus-society/


  • Digitally very active with on going social media WGES sites  Facebook and LinkedIn– constantly updated by Rick Perkins WG’70.  Access WGES on those sites for WGES and Wharton/Penn highlights.


  • Added a new dimension to Life Long Learning by presenting speakers to our WGES Leadership Committee sessions…specifically June Richard Hackney WG’73 of the Solar/Technology consortium. Additionally we post on going key seminars/webinars the University/Wharton made available to its alumni/ae community.  Thank you Eugene Aaron WG’73.


  • Revitalized the Career Planning/Mentoring efforts of WGES by inserting LC member Dick Rappleye WG’65 as key coordinator.   He has taken hold and multiple related volunteering efforts will be offered to all WGES members.   A much desired activity.


  • Participated in Wharton/U Penn May Reunion May 13-14 (first time live in three years).  Hats off to our LC members who attended; and participated in multiple school and WGES scheduled events…plus bonded together and networked with other WGES members.  Cliff Leventhal WG’56/Jack Holton WG’73/Eugene Aaron WG’73/McClain Gordon WG’73.


  • Further advanced intra communications between WGES classes – such as WG’65 quarterly worldwide Zoom calls.   Additional survey/network activity in WG’66 via classmate Chris Kirchen. And more plans on deck.


  • Entrepreneurship highlighted. Over last several months WGES has been enjoined to engage in new venture specific Red & Blue activity on a volunteer basis – leading to possible board positions.  An emerging critical disciple in commerce today.  Stephen Garchik WG’76 has been our leader.


  • Enhanced all important Class Correspondent corps – by maintaining reviving and adding new WGES agents from classes WG’51 to WG’77. Note: Class Notes are the most read section of bi-annual Wharton Magazine.  Also in that light have targeted new WG classes qualifying for WGES status. Thank you Bob Blumenthal WG’63.


  • Reach Out to International/US Wharton/Penn Clubs and local programs.   Both McClain Gordon WG’73 and John Majane WG’58 respectively have developed a relationship with global Wharton community and initiated local Wharton luncheons (in particular Wash DC area). Plus many members of LC are also members of local Wharton Penn Clubs including Boston/New York/Philadelphia/Northern California.


  • Offering WGES ID momentos – a symbol of awareness and pride for new WG’78 members and total membership as requested. New item will be a WGES baseball cap.  Available in mid year. Kudos to Jack Holton


  • Maintained regularly on going Jazz Concerts – next one to be held on 7/17/22 in southern New Jersey. Pete Peterson WG’56 is the expert coordinator.


  • Fund Raising – though WGES charter is focused on engagement – has asked WGES members to contribute to the ever growing needs of UPenn/Wharton. Important to have high participation reflecting WGES loyalty to its alma mater.


  • Personal Notes:  we honor the passing of Robert Ferguson WG’71 our LC member who passed on in March of this year. And we raise a glass to Carl Shaifer WG’57 who just celebrated his 90th


Busy period more to follow.