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Why am I unable to access MyPenn?


The academic records may list your degree/certificate as incomplete. Unfortunately, access to MyPenn can only be offered to those who have completed an eligible program. 

There are many reasons an individual may be listed as incomplete.  

Those who are ineligible may include: 

  • Exchange program students 
  • Exec Ed participants (non-WEV/WAM/AMP) 
  • Non-Wharton, Non-Penn alumni 
  • Current, non-graduating student 
  • INSEAD alumni 
  • Those that have not met all degree requirements 
  • Those that have outstanding fees and charges 

Those who are eligible may include: 

  • Wharton MBA 
  • Wharton PhD 
  • Undergraduate degree programs 
  • Select dual-degree programs 
  • Semester-long Executive Education programs for working professionals 

If you believe there is an error in the records, you may contact the Office of the University Registrar at 215.898.6636 or visit regarding your student status. If any issues exist with your alumni record, the Registrar’s office will be happy to help resolve them, and you will then be added to the alumni database. 

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