George Shiau, ENG’94, W’94

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GEORGE SHIAU, ENG’94, W’94As a high school student, I chose Penn for the uniqueness of its Management & Technology dual-degree program. There was no other program in the country which could compare with it and the opportunity and flexibility to pursue inter-disciplinary learning was phenomenal. When I was 29 years old, I prepared my first estate plan, because I did not want to be unprepared for the unexpected events in life. My lawyer asked a typical question, “Where do you want the money to go?” Upon reflection, I realized that if I were to die the next day, I would want Penn to be an important part of my legacy. Having named Penn as a beneficiary of my plans, this future gift will help the University to continue executing on its educational mission and enriching the lives of other students like me.

Using a Bequest