Joel Post, WG’95

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For Joel Post, WG’95, the timing was just right.  In reflecting upon the institutions that have made a difference in his life—and helped him to succeed—Wharton emerged near the top of a “pretty short list,” he says.  That made it an easy decision to include the School in his estate plans.  Not one to wait, Joel says, “While this is planning that’s often done later in life, now is the time to do it.”

For Joel, Wharton marked his re-entry to the U.S., after working for several years in Germany.  While it was a challenging move, he credits the international aspects of Wharton—and its student body, in particular—in easing the transition.  He also appreciated being surrounded by “like-minded classmates, with whom you could engage,” as well as the MBA program’s intensity, which “more than matched my other academic experiences.”  By including the School in his estate plans, Joel is helping to ensure that future Wharton students enjoy a similar experience.

Joel is at UBS in New York where he handles financial planning matters for private clients, many of whom are active in philanthropy, including gift planning.

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