Kenneth R. Middleton, WG’67

WG'56: Norm Leventhal, Fred Goldstein, and C.Dewitt Peterson at Dewitt's Annual Jazz Picnic in South Jersey

Ken Middleton came to Wharton in the fall of 1965 after active duty in the US Coast Guard and after working in the insurance industry. Upon his graduation from the MBA Program in 1967, Ken joined the Treasurer’s Department of Exxon Corporation and traveled the world. In the back of his mind, though, was a yearning to own his own business. In 1980, he purchased a small storage company on the east coast of Florida and, four years later, he left Exxon to pursue his dream full-time. In the years that followed, Ken expanded the company and never looked back. Today, his business is thriving. Ken continues to oversee its operations, but he and Emmy also find time for travel, fishing and scuba diving.

Throughout his career, Ken has been grateful for the education he received at Wharton and the business success that his training helped him achieve. When it came time to plan his estate, he was determined to help future generations of Wharton students achieve their goals by establishing an endowed fellowship fund. To do so, Ken took the creative approach of placing his business in a trust that will benefit the School. At his death, ownership of the business will pass to the University of Pennsylvania. The University will then sell the business, and the proceeds will be used to create a fellowship in Ken’s name at Wharton.

Ken is enthusiastic about helping Wharton students become the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. “I would not have been successful without the education Wharton gave me,” Ken asserts. “Wharton gave me a chance by admitting me and by giving me financial aid. I am delighted to help give future students the same opportunity.”

Using a Charitable Remainder Unitrust