Invested in Wharton’s Future

Alice Yin Hung, C’90, W’90 with Wharton Professor King
Alice Yin Hung, C'90, W'90 (left), and Marissa King, the inaugural Alice Y. Hung President’s Distinguished Professor

Alice Yin Hung, C’90, W’90, Wharton graduate, entrepreneur, daughter, and mother, knows that planting seeds of success with certainty and love, will make things happen. How those things work out may not be predictable, but Hung trusts in the power of taking first steps and understands that risks are a part of every journey. Hung has achieved multiple successes in her distinguished career, though she admits to her share of setbacks.

As a child, Hung moved with her family to Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, the family lived an impoverished but affectionate life. Hung revealed her journey to Wharton was supported by the devotion and sacrifice of her parents. “Family is everything to me,” said Hung, who now resides in Singapore.

Following her Wharton years, Hung became founder and CEO of Universal (Hong Kong) Technology Co. Ltd., a leading scientific and analytical instruments sales and distribution company in Asia; and the founder of CFR Engines Group of Companies, a testing instrument manufacturer for petroleum-related products. She has been an early investor in many successful deep technology startups in Asia and around the world.

As honorary co-chair for the Wharton Global Forum held in March in Singapore, Hung told the audience of alumni and guests that her time at Wharton was one of the most formative periods of her life. “I am very proud of the Wharton spirit,” she said. “That can-do and never-say-die attitude gave me the confidence to make a difference in this world.”

As part of her commitment to doing good, Hung created a named professorship supporting faculty at Wharton.. The appointment of Marissa King as the inaugural Alice Y. Hung President’s Distinguished Professor became effective January 1.

Professor King joined Wharton from the Yale School of Management, where she served as professor of organizational behavior. She specializes in the research of social networks, social influence, and team dynamics. At Yale, her most recent work included examining the role social networks play in the prescription drug abuse epidemic. King is also interested in how to effectively leverage networks to treat opioid use disorders and address the increasingly problematic effects of loneliness in society. Professor King joined Wharton as a professor in Health Care Management.

“I am filled with gratitude for Alice Hung’s longstanding dedication to Wharton, including her generosity in creating this faculty chair, which has allowed Penn to offer Professor King a place amongst the University’s exceptional faculty,” said Wharton Dean Erika James. “Professor King’s research touches on some of the most pressing and salient issues facing not only the profession of health care, but of society at large — topics that are particularly relevant to Philadelphia and our surrounding global community.”

Hung said, “I believe that the path to success is through investing in people, and I am honored to be able to support the research and career of Professor King. I appreciate Professor King’s research in the intersection of business and health care, which is an area I am passionate about. I look forward to seeing the new paths that Wharton’s Health Care Management program will forge with Professor King as part of the team.”

Hung’s commitment to Wharton and the University is robust. On June 30, she will be concluding an impactful term as chair of Wharton’s Executive Board for Asia. Hung was honored by Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship (now known as Venture Lab) with their 2019 China Entrepreneur Award at the Wharton Global Forum in Shanghai. In addition to her support of faculty, Hung contributed to the Penn Wharton China Center and created an endowed scholarship to support international undergraduate student financial aid.