Wharton in 2022: Strong, Stronger, Strongest

Chief Advancement Officer, Sam Lundquist, says Wharton is starting strong for 2022.
Chief Advancement Officer, Sam Lundquist, says Wharton is starting strong for 2022.

Wharton is roaring into 2022 from a position of strength, according to Sam Lundquist, the School’s chief advancement officer.

Lundquist shared with Wharton Impact his joy at the School being “best in class” and his admiration that students, faculty, alumni, and staff came through the global pandemic by standing strong, together.

“Dean Erika James likes to say there is no business school better than Wharton,” Lundquist said. “But the challenge is to keep growing and innovating our academic programs and other priorities in order to stay on top.”

Wharton Impact asked Lundquist three questions about the state of the School.

  • WI: Where were we?
    • SL: Wharton has always been strong. This is a School that does well as a group effort. We consistently have strong leadership, a strong faculty, strong students, and strong alumni.
  • WI: Where are we today?
    • SL: Wharton is stronger because of the COVID-19 experience. The pandemic was concurrent with the appointment of the new dean, who is leading from experience and with confidence. The School is in a great place today, with excellent prospects for the short- and long-term future.
  • WI: Where are we going?
    • SL: Wharton will remain the strongest business school. Here are two examples of the School’s continuing strength: First, the School is not just reacting to calls to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. Wharton is forming the framework for DE&I success on campus — and in business. Second, Wharton is answering internal and external calls for guidance in applying the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) on campus and in the business world.

Lundquist wrapped up the conversation with Wharton Impact by stating, “Wharton is impact!” He said the School is fortunate to benefit from a wealth of faculty research that over the years has been focusing on both DE&I and ESG. “We have a catalogue of research facilitating Wharton in creating responsive decision-making, which is growing the School’s ethical and sustainable impact.”

He said the School’s influence is broadcast widely through the outcomes of its teaching and faculty research, and is supported by data analytics that provide evidence of how organizations led by Wharton alumni generate true impact by creating jobs and contributing to economic growth.

For Lundquist, the phrase “Stronger Together” is not just a saying that guided Wharton throughout the pandemic: Those words represent the School’s legacy (strong), its current responsibilities (stronger), and its future opportunities (strongest).