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Wharton School Announces New Executive Board Appointments

The board is comprised of highly dedicated and deeply engaged alumni and friends. The School thanks them for their leadership.

Wharton congratulates the following new members and current members with new appointments whose terms began on July 1, 2022:

Dr. Robert A. Behar, WMP’20 Executive Education Board
Jun Daikuhara, WG’86 Executive Board for Asia
Karim Farra, WG’04 Executive Board for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
William J. Fink, WMP’19 Executive Education Board
Seth Ezra Gribetz, W’97, WG’98 Alumni Executive Board
Nobel Gulati, W’94 Undergraduate Executive Board
Amish Jani, W’99, WG’00 Undergraduate Executive Board
Xing Liu, WG’04 Executive Board for Asia
Vikram Malhotra, WG’86 Board of Advisors
Ingrid Mazul, WG’98 Graduate Executive Board
Edward M. McBride, W’96 Alumni Executive Board
Richard E. Perlman, W’68 Board of Advisors
Raj Mohan Pherwani, WG’93 Alumni Executive Board
Steven Ross Sarracino, WG’06 Alumni Executive Board
Mac Schuessler, WMP’21 Executive Education Board
Beth Chartoff Spector, WG’95 Graduate Executive Board
Yvonne Stevens, WG’91 Alumni Executive Board
Robert John Sweeney, W’89, WG’97 Graduate Executive Board
Erica Poon Werkun, CFA, W’95 Executive Board for Asia
Robert Wolf, W’84 Alumni Executive Board
Mingto Yu, WG’95 Executive Board for Asia
Edward Zhu Executive Board for Asia


The School also extends gratitude to the following individuals on their new Chair and Vice Chair board roles:

Bennett Rosenthal, W’85, WG’86, Chair, Graduate Executive Board

Antonio Carrillo, WG’93, Vice Chair, Executive Board for Latin America

Eric Linn, W’92, Vice Chair, Undergraduate Executive Board