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The Power of Age
as told to Jim Collins
Eight distinguished emeritus alumni shared their reflections on shattering Golden Years stereotypes.  Read the Wharton Magazine article here.

Tour of the Italian Lake District: August to September 2016
by Bob Blumenthal, WG’63

We arrived at our Five Star Luxury Hotel, Hotel La Palma, in Stresa, Italy, after an hour long drive in our extremely comfortable high-rise tour bus from Malpensa Airport.  We did not mind the time spent because our Travel Director/tour guide, Valentina Cioffrese, pointed out sights along the way.  She explained how the road had been built by Napoleon when he invaded Italy at the beginning of the 18th Century.  She also gave us a bit of history explaining how Prince Charles Borromeo and his family had come to own most of the land around Lake Maggiore, all of the water as well as three islands in the lake because he and his soldiers had defeated a Swiss Army trying to invade from the North around the time of the Reformation.  In gratitude, the Pope had gifted him the property and made him a Cardinal.  To this day his descendants still own two of the three islands and all of the water in Lake Maggiore. The fishermen who fish the lake have to pay his family a fee for taking fish from the water.

During our stay in the Lake District we visited Lake Orta, a smaller lake to the West of Lake Maggiore and the town of Orta San Giulio on its banks, as well as Lake Como, and the town of Bellagio on its banks.  The latter is well known because of George Clooney, who owns a villa there.  Although he was in town at the time, we did not get an invitation to visit him.  What a great shame!

Lake Maggiore is the largest lake in Europe, and Lake Como is one of the deepest, approximately a mile at its point of greatest depth.  From the balcony of our hotel room overlooking Lake Maggiore we had a magnificent view of the Lake and Isola Bella, one of the islands that the Borromeo Family still owns.  They were in residence as attested by their flag flying from the flag pole but we were allowed to visit the lower floors of their palace which were magnificent.

We had the benefit of several lectures about the history of the region, including the time of Leonardo da Vinci and his painting of the Last Supper, which we visited during a day trip to Milan.  At that time, we also got a tour of the magnificent Gothic Cathedral of Milan called the Duomo.  We also enjoyed two excellent lectures from our faculty host, David Wallace, who is a full time Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania.  One evening we met with three persons from the area who explained what life is like in Northern Italy today

The food in the hotel dining room was excellent.  Seating in the dining room allowed us a view overlooking the lake across a beautiful garden.  The hotel even had a swimming pool on the side of the lake.

It was a special pleasure having the company of so many of our fellow Penn Alumni as well as the pleasant company and great assistance of our staff host, Janell Wiseley, and our own WGES Wharton Alumni Relations Associate Director, Helen Formanes.  It is our hope and expectation that our contact with other Penn graduates will lead to new friendships and future Penn Travel Tours together.

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The WGES Steering Committee has been “re-organized.” Active members of the Steering Committee celebrating his or her 60th anniversary of graduation from Wharton will be invited to join the Founders Committee. As a member of the Founders Committee, they will continue functioning in the various sub-committees, but will increase their effect to develop new members to take over their responsibilities. This is appropriate as new members to the Steering Committee from the 45th and 50th reunion classes are appointed.

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Most WGES members find it is a myth that when one retires, they no longer contribute to their profession, community, and even economy. What is closer to the truth is that most of us continue to contribute our vast professional and personal experience and know-how as long as we are physically able to do so.  At the May 13, 2017 WGES Reunion Luncheon, the Emeritus Society will recognize their initial Crandall Challenge alumni recipients. It is an attempt to acknowledge the vast ways in which WGES members remain actively involved in their professional and personal communities.

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Eduarso Almadrones, WG’66, says:
“You guys are doing a hell of a job visualizing, coordinating, assembling alumni interests and capabilities!”

Golfing in Laos
Submitted by Mike Wallace, WG’65

Photo of Joe Gill and Marshall Smith, WG’60
Submitted by Joe Gill, WG’60