Spring Ahead, Whatever it Takes, for the New Semester

Springing Ahead, Whatever It Takes, for the New Semester

When the Wharton School moved online in March 2020, the backbone of the move was supported by Wharton Computing who worked tirelessly to support seamless, remote learning and virtual events that kept students and alumni connected during challenging times.

Right from the start of the pandemic, Wharton’s technology capabilities and faculty flexibility with teaching methods were enhanced by donor support of the School’s core operations, notably through unendowed* support available from The Wharton Fund. Because of forward-thinking investments, Wharton Computing had a strong level of preparedness and the financial resources to react to real-time changing circumstances.

“Wharton Computing continues to work closely with faculty to support students learning remotely through various collaborative platforms,” said Chief Information Officer Dan Alig.

Endowed Funds / Non-Endowed Funds*

An endowed fund is a perpetual fund from which support is given annually.

non-endowed fund is one in which support is given throughout the year.

“Through this partnership we’ve developed standards and best practices that will ensure students have access to the materials they need for their coursework and receive clear and consistent information about how to participate from wherever they may be learning from.”

And Dean Erika James’s plan for the spring semester is resolute in that no matter the situation — even it if changes at a moment’s notice — Wharton students’ educational needs will be met.

Dean James confirmed that the very principles that guided planning for fall 2020 remain at the heart of the spring semester.

These include:

  1. Maintaining the safety and well-being of the Wharton community above all else, no matter the changing global circumstances.
  2. Facilitating access to all coursework, no matter a student’s unique situation.
  3. Ensuring academic and co-curricular content is developed to be student-centric, no matter the delivery mode.
  4. Executing with operational excellence aligning with the values of the Wharton School, no matter the executional complexity.

These principles reflect the Dean’s commitment to a premier Wharton education — both in and outside the classroom.

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