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Wharton Impact Tour: San Francisco 2022

Event Summary

Wharton returned to the road — with the Wharton Impact Tour making its first stop last month in San Francisco, where attendees shared warm feelings reflecting the city’s deep ties with the School. For more than 20 years, the Wharton San Francisco campus has served as a hub of academic and entrepreneurial activity for students, alumni, and other professionals in the region.

“I’m so excited to be here in San Francisco to kick off our in-person Wharton Impact Tour!” said Dean Erika James to an enthusiastic crowd at the Palace Hotel. “The energy and action here in San Francisco is unmatched anywhere else.”

There was a lively response from the 130-plus alumni in attendance who welcomed James to her first, in-person alumni event since she began her tenure at Wharton in July 2020.

Professor Kartik Hosanagar fielded questions from James and the audience about the emerging role of artificial intelligence in business. Hosanagar said that, for those considering how AI can elevate their business plans, “Don’t start with AI first. Instead, decide what problem you are trying to solve and then ask how AI can solve it.”

James added that Wharton has the depth and breadth to reimagine education and that those looking to Wharton for futuristic business solutions like AI will find the School leading the way.

The audience experienced the impact and the excitement of the Wharton School live along with fellow alumni, Dean James, and Wharton neuroscience thought leader Professor Michael Platt.


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