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Wharton Impact Tour: Tel Aviv 2022

Event Summary

The Tel Aviv stop of the Wharton Impact Tour was Erika James’ first visit to the city as Dean of the Wharton School. James spoke to attendees about how it is clear that Israel is a nation of innovators and creators.

“Wharton’s priorities of furthering the importance of data-driven analytics and developing the next generation of world-class entrepreneurs aligns closely with the business community here in Israel,” she said. “I am excited that Wharton can be a partner in this exciting future.”

James also expressed her gratitude to the Wharton Club of Israel, a member of Wharton’s Global Clubs Network.

“Our worldwide alumni clubs are a direct tie to the School and I value your commitment to the Wharton community, James said.

“Currently, on our Philadelphia campus, we are sharing expressions of gratitude with our colleagues. But my reflections in this exercise travel far beyond Locust Walk and the city of Philadelphia.

“I would like to share my gratitude with the Club, specifically for their efforts in establishing and funding the Wharton Club of Israel Fellowship, which provides financial support to outstanding MBA students from Israel. This generosity helps Wharton to recruit talented scholars who will help shape the business world in years to come.”


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