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December 2022 • Edition 16

In this month’s edition, read about the School’s new equity and opportunity coalition; learn about the continued importance of human decision-making in the field of people analytics; and hear from Wharton undergraduate students who are recipients of life-changing scholarships.

Wharton CEO: A Sustained Effort for Creating Change

Kenneth L. Shropshire, newly appointed director of Wharton's Coalition for Equity and Opportunity.

“Historically, the equity and opportunity issues of a given day were captured by labels such as abolition, reconstruction, suffrage, equal employment opportunity, and even, simply, diversity,” says Kenneth L. Shropshire, the newly appointed faculty director of Wharton’s Coalition for Equity and Opportunity. As the Coalition widens its reach, Wharton’s framing of equity and opportunity is positioned to be a leader in this sustained effort while being nomenclature-agile enough to deal with whatever business, and society, encounter in this context today — and moving forward.

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Keeping People at the Forefront of People Analytics

Prasad Setty, WG'99, leading how organizations leverage data-driven people solutions.

Pioneering alumnus Prasad Setty, WG’99, has been a leader in shaping how organizations leverage data-driven solutions to find and retain talent. Setty, Google’s former vice president for People Analytics, tells Wharton Impact that data and analytics are not a substitute for human judgment but, instead, are best used to support people in making better decisions.

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Named Scholarships Change Lives

Penn's Named Scholarship Celebration was held in-person for the first time since 2019.

Derek Nhieu, W’23, will forever remember the day he received not only admission to Penn, but a scholarship that changed his life. On November 16, the fourth-year Wharton student shared a glimpse of his story at Penn’s Named Scholarship Celebration, held in-person for the first time since 2019.

Donors like Herald Chen, ENG’93 W’93, had the opportunity to learn first-hand how their gifts impact Wharton students, both in and beyond the classroom.

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