Andrew Cohen, WG’86

“The two main reasons we find that alumni connect with a club are networking for business opportunities and lifelong learning. For example, every year John Silvia, Chief Economist for Wells Fargo, speaks with the club and gives an economic update. “ -Andrew Cohen, WG’86, President, Wharton Club of Charlotte AdjunctRead More

Jay Mohr, WG’91

“… we get [value] from continued learning initiatives: the webinars we offer, conferences that we hold throughout the year around the country, even outside the United States, and even the social get-togethers we have in our local communities like Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Northern California. These are great ways to stayRead More

Yarom Arad, WG’95

“We have spent the first 10 years of our club's existence building a focal point for local alumni to engage both with each other as well as with the School. In the next few years, we are aiming at expanding our activities to be integrated with other clubs in orderRead More

Gloria Rabinowitz, WG’78

“We’ve created two Leads Councils, one in Philadelphia and one in the Western suburbs, only for Wharton alumni where you get the best business advice and meet once a month. We have designed these so they are very open and admit one person per industry. This really builds camaraderie andRead More

Ellen Chang, Wharton Club of San Diego

“Engaging with Wharton alumni through the establishment of a club was an easy decision. We have such great shared experiences, despite the difference in ages. Those alumni I have engaged with through these alumni groups have become part of my network of sharing, of support, and encouragement.” -Ellen Chang, C’88,Read More