Ed Lyons, WG’64

Ed Lyons WG'64 As I am approaching 9 years on the WGES Leadership Committee, and more as class correspondent, I am proud of our work this past 20 years in bringing more information about Wharton and Penn to Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society members.

DC Area WGES Lunch Meeting

DC WGES Lunch We had another very successful lunch Thursday, March 23rd Six of us had lunch indoors at the Hunters Inn. The folks attending were from the left, Barry Gordon WhGr’57, Jay Hayman Wn ’52, John Majane WhGr’58, J. Mills Williams WhGr’71, Kersey Dastur WhGr’71 and Jesse Cantrill Wn ’63, WhGr’73. (SeeRead More

Other Challenges and Transitions

Other Challenges and Transitions We always have challenges and transitions in life. In this phase of life, some common challenges include depression, stress, financial difficulty, and acceptance. Depression is common and can have serious effects if not addressed. Stress can be worsened by changing social and mental faculties. Financial mattersRead More

Tom Hadlock, Chairman of WGES

50th Reunion Chair - Tom Hadlock, WG’66 Founded in 2003, the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society (WGES)  is the distinguished and active group of Wharton MBA alumni who graduated from the School more than forty-five years ago. WGES encourages fellow alumni to continue investing their Wharton-based experience and talents to enhance the quality of life for their colleagues,Read More

Finding Balance

Finding Balance Finding balance is an art. There is no correct solution that will work for everyone. We do know, however, that one must focus on the physical, mental, social, and environmental aspects: The physical includes a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, and meditation or yoga. The mental encompasses a dailyRead More

Overcoming Loss

Overcoming Loss Overcoming loss, at whatever level, is about grieving. The process of grieving involves emotional and life adjustments after a loss. This process is different for everyone, as is the time the process may take. Loss takes many forms, including loss of life, mobility, hearing, vision, careers, friends, andRead More

Travel Opportunities

Travel Opportunities Thriving in retirement includes making time to do things and go places you never had the chance to before. Companies in the travel industry provide options that let you pick the style of travel that fits your needs at this time. Many resources exist to support older travelersRead More