DC Area WGES Lunch Meeting


We had another very successful lunch Thursday, March 23rd

Six of us had lunch indoors at the Hunters Inn. The folks attending were from the left, Barry Gordon WhGr’57, Jay Hayman Wn ’52, John Majane WhGr’58, J. Mills Williams WhGr’71, Kersey Dastur WhGr’71 and Jesse Cantrill Wn ’63, WhGr’73. (See photo)

The conversation was extensive and interesting and covered the problems with forgetfulness at our advanced ages, travel with using a passport-make sure you get your application early, maybe six (6) months early, and of course the SVB bank failure. Lunch went on into the late afternoon, a testament to our desire to talk.

The group wants to meet again on Thursday, June 23d at the same venue at the same time. Please put it on you calendar. Try and make it.