Memory from Phillip Gehman, WG’59

Phillip Gehman, WG'59One of my fondest memories in my first year at Wharton was attending classes on the American Labor Movement and Negotiations led by Dr. George W. Taylor, a brilliant and world renowned professor and expert in his field. I felt especially honored to have studied under him and to have learned from his many years of experience in industry and government. Although his required course bibliography for each semester was multiple pages in length and required many long hours spent each week in the upper floor of Lippincott Library, the experience had a memorable effect on my education and forever influenced my business career.

I still recall his description of a labor strike causing a national emergency. In his words, “The public is brought to its knees before the parties come to terms.” He was a giant among teachers, and will always remain a jewel in the legacy of the Wharton School.