Helping Cities Go With the Flow

Excavator helps to eliminate the problem of breaking a pipe in the street on a hot summer day

Water utilities lose $14 billion every year from leaks, faulty meters, and water theft. These challenges, coupled with a lack of government infrastructure investment, have kept water and sewer costs rising at a rate beyond average income growth and inflation. Increasing costs and public pushback are forcing utilities to move beyond traditional practices to keep pace and open the door for private-sector solutions — like those springing forth from Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship.Read More

From Farm to Market More Efficiently

When it comes to agriculture, weather isn’t all that’s dicey. Farmers need accurate counts of the produce in their fields to determine pricing, negotiate contracts with buyers, and maintain the overall financial health and success of their farms. But precise crop estimation techniques are expensive to execute because they entail high labor costs, while more efficient estimating techniques are often inaccurate.Read More

Small Business Grows Up

Individual on Bike

Wharton is collaborating with business leaders and entrepreneurs in ways that give birth to the world’s next great companies, driving significant economic growth and creating jobs. A leading program out of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship, the Wharton Small Business Development Center (WSBDC), works to cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem that gives students and alumni the knowledge, experience, and networks to scale big ideas into sustainable impact.Read More