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Wharton Impact Tour: Dubai 2022

Event Summary

“At no other time,” remarked Erika James, Dean of the Wharton School, “have leaders in every industry and on every continent grappled with so many changes.”

Visiting Dubai for the first time on the most recent stop of the #WhartonImpact Tour, James highlighted the important role that Wharton alumni in Dubai and the greater Middle East play not only in the future of Wharton, but in helping businesses adapt to change.

Wharton, James noted, “is now exceptionally well-prepared to seize the moment.” With the school’s emphasis on data-driven decision making and commitment to enhancing diversity, Wharton and its alumni are equipped, as James put it, “to extend our output for the good of the rest of the world.”

Noting Dubai’s dynamism as a global city, James also expressed gratitude to alumni from Wharton’s Middle East and North Africa Club. After describing new initiatives like the Venture Lab at Tangen Hall, James introduced Navin Valrani, W’93 GED’18 GRD’23, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Al Shirawi Group, and Pam Grossman, Dean of the Graduate School of Education, to speak further on the intersection of learning and entrepreneurship.

“Our students are our primary stakeholders,” James reminded the audience. “Supporting them means we are changing lives.”


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