Tom Hadlock, Chairman of WGES

50th Reunion Chair - Tom Hadlock, WG’66 Founded in 2003, the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society (WGES)  is the distinguished and active group of Wharton MBA alumni who graduated from the School more than forty-five years ago. WGES encourages fellow alumni to continue investing their Wharton-based experience and talents to enhance the quality of life for their colleagues,Read More

Crandall Citation Awards, May 14, 2022

CitationAwardees Crandall Citation Awards were presented at the Reunion Dinner on May 14, 2022 to (from left to right)  Russell Redenbugh, WG’69 (2020) Reid Becker, WG’74 (2020) Malcolm Bund, WG’74 (2021) Bob Crawford, WG’63 (2022)  Because of Covid, Russell and Reid had to wait two years to receive their Citation andRead More

Attendees at WGES Reunion Dinner May 14, 2022

Attendees at the WGES Reunion Dinner on May 14, 2022 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cliff Leventhal, WG'56; Bob Crawford,WG'67; Unknown; Larry Bennison,WG'66; Jack  Holton, WG'73; McClain Gordon, WG'73 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Malcolm Bund,WG'74; Russell Redenbaugh, WG'69; Reid Becker,WG'74; Paul Allersmeyer, WG'65 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Bennison, WG’66; Paul Allersmeyer, WG'65; Bob Crawford, WG’67; Eugene Aaron,Read More